Conditions for rent/purchase:

1.Personal conversation comprehensive and exhaustive consultation contributing to your best choice.

2.Individual offer, in wich we will offer you the most optimal solutions for you.

3.Discution of offer for questions and uncertainties.

4.Written confirmation of order, chosen by the client.

5.Signing of bilateral agreement for lease / purchase arrangements by clarifying all sizes, prices and terms of payment, terms and description of the equipment. Clearly and precisely specified rights, obligations and responsibilities of landlord and tenant / buyer and seller. All contracts are in writing and clearly set out the following details:

5.1 Purpose and period of rental / purchase.
5.2 Place of performance.
5.3 Terms and method of payment, including negotiating the percentage advance payment and accrual of statutory penalties in case it delays attributable to the tenant / buyer.
5.4 Reference to any penalties that are paid in case of:
  •  delays in the delivery / installation of the landlord / seller
  •  the same or delays attributable to the tenant / buyer
6.A realy executed order
6.1 When carrying out:
  • installation / supply and lease / purchase
  • for removal / storage of equipment after the rental period is signed acknowledgment of receipt, which describes the subject of the lease / purchase and issuance and / or acceptance with / without comments.
  • In case of any damages they are described in the protocol.
  • Protocol should be signed by both parties
 Rules of operation  
1.Individual consultation to each client

2.Speed ​​and quality of service

3.Security products and services